I want to welcome you and thank you for visiting my website "Native Trails Indian Products". Native Trails Indian products  was developed to display and advertise products and services available to you. It will also be used to make some general and important announcements regarding the Native Community. I also want to acknowledge and thank my Creator for having created me, the one I once called simply . . . God.  Now I call . . . Grandfather, Ome Teotl, Hue Hue Teotl, Ipalemoani, Moyocoyatzin, just to name a few.  Not because I have many Gods, but because of my expanding understanding of The Highest Omni Presence Existence.  "Tlazocamatli Ome Teotl"

I was introduced to the Red Road Indian path since the early 1980's.  It has become a big part of my life ever since.  I also became an Aztec Dancer in 1986.  I have participated most of my adult life in ceremony circles, pow wows, parades, marches, community events, church celebrations, videos and shows.  I have sold a variety of Indian products as a vendor including Indian blankets, Indian hand bags and a variety of feathers, mostly pheasant and rooster tail feathers at Pow Wows and to Danzantes.

The making of my first CD entitled. "MEXICAN DESCENT" has been a labor of love and a dream fulfilled.  It represents my understanding, knowledge and love for my people through my evolution as an individual of this society.  It has allowed me to leave a foot print of my existence here on Mother Earth and leave a pathway for those that have wandered off the course.  The Mexican Descent article is a story of our people, told by our people, that has been handed down through out the ages.  The story, songs, speeches, poetry, prayers and demands are my reflection of those events.  This CD is a culminate of my life experiences that have shaped my path on the red road and social conscience.  I believe this CD to be educational, enriching, enjoyable and insightful.  It is a mini short-term curriculum in Native Studies & Chicanismo.  It is a must have CD for mechistas, scholars, students, poets and anyone interested in native culture and understanding the diverseity in others.

I reproduced a post card of an image of myserlf "Blowing the Conch Shell" from a mural in San Diego, California.  The post card is only a small segment of the entire mural called, "The Kelco Historical Community Mural".  The building that displays this mural was originally Kelco a seaweed & kelp processing plant.  The mural was commissioned to and created by master muralists Salvador Roberto "Queso" Torres & Gloria Rebolledo.  It took over one year to complete the mural and was dedicated on May 20, 1993.  The entire mural scene is 30 feet in height by 500 feet across.  It literally engulfs the entire building.  The entire mural expresses the importance the sea life provides the people of San Diego.  It tells the story of the struggles, contrabutions and accomplishments made in the Logan Heights Community.  It also leaves a legacy for future generations to know and feel proud of their ancestral heritage, culture and traditions.  The mural is located on East Harbor Drive and Cesar E. Chavez Parkway, just west of Chicano Park in Logan Heights, and directly under the Coronado Bridge in San Diego, Califas en Aztlan.